Author--Larry Webb

“Fourth Birthdays are Special”

This past weekend was special. On Saturday I participated in a drive-by for one of my great grandsons’ 4th birthday. That was fun because I got to see and wave at three and 6 ninths of my greats living there who I have not seen up close for three months—even if it were for just a minute.

Then on Sunday, to make it even more special, I celebrated my 4th birthday. How is that possible you ask? Easy. It was four years ago that morning that I flatlined in the emergency room at Sparrow. After 8 zaps I finally decided to stay alive long enough for them to rush me into surgery and stuff a couple of stents in the artery known as the “Widow Maker.” So, in my head, that was the day I was born for the second time.

During the Coronavirus we have heard time-after-time about the miracles the people on the front line manage to pull off every day. Well, let’s remember it’s not just for virus patients. It’s for everyone. 

One of my favorite memories was on my third day in ICU, one of the nurses who had been working on me came up to visit. She had been off work a couple of days and checked to see if I were still alive when she came back to work. She sat down beside me, held my hand, and told me all the gruesome details about what had happened in the emergency room.

No way did she have to do that, but she cared and was willing to share. She was and is one of my heroes whom I will never forget. Thanks to all of you first responders for what you do each and every day.

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