Author--Larry Webb

“The 2020-2021 School Year”

Oh boy, am I ever glad I’m not teaching or making educational decisions for the coming school year. How are you going to enforce social distancing and mask wearing with a bunch of adolescents? 

First off, are you going to have half the class in school for three days in week one and two days in the second? On their off days are they going to be keyed into the class on Zoom? Yeah, I’m sure that will work. 

As many parents posted on FB, home schooling their kids at the end of the last school year worked REAL well. The kids ended up playing games or refusing to do what they were supposed to be doing.

If a kid has a question about an assignment, how do you get to him/her immediately and try to resolve the issue? I guess if the problem is asking you to find “X” in the problem, the kid does like I would do and draw an arrow to it.

What do you do when Melanie walks into class, sits down, and takes off her mask because it messes up her hair? Do you kick her out when she refuses to put it back on because of her Constitutional right to endanger the whole school? Would that end up disrupting the entire class hour for the day? I’m sure the results would work out real well.

What about Alphonso who suddenly develops a dry cough when you pull the sneak quiz out of the drawer? Do you ignore it? Do you pull the fire alarm, evacuate the school, and spend a day sanitizing the entire place? Or, do you make everyone, including Alph, take the test and hope you haven’t contributed to a Covid outbreak for the entire school—or at least the half of the students who are there that day.

As I said in the beginning, I would hate to be in that position in today’s world. Let’s hope this virus disappears real soon. Come on, scientists, find the cure. I’ll be first in line to get the shot.

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