Author--Larry Webb

“Some People are born Dumber than a Box of Rocks”

Sometimes I wonder if some people are innately stupid, or did they work hard to develop the trait. What I’m ranting about now are these idiots who are calling in the fake bomb threats.

Last week a local school district closed the whole district for a day since someone called in a bomb threat on the high school. To insure everyone’s safety they closed everything until they could double check everything. A couple of days ago there was a threat on a major building at MSU—once again unwarranted. 

As reported in the Sept. 7th. Issue of the Lansing State Journal there has been “…a wave of bomb threats prompted lockdowns at schools and hospitals across several counties.” Many of these have been in northern portions of the state.

Why would you do that? Are you so mentally and emotionally sick or stupid that you think it’s funny? Are you that starved for attention? Does it make you feel powerful or superior in some sick way because you can screw up a bunch of people’s lives? 

In the 1920s the most devastating school bombing occurred in Bath, Michigan. Thirty-eight children were killed, eight adults, and there were over fifty-eight injured. This was done by a crazy former school board member who had been defeated for reelection and was angry because of school taxes.  

When I was just a little kid, an older lady lived across the street from me who had lost a leg in that bombing during her childhood. She didn’t have a prosthetic leg, she used crutches. She would leave in the morning for work and return at night. She never spoke to anyone. Her window drapes were closed 24/7. She was for all practical purposes a hermit. I’m thinking PTSD at minimum. 

Now, do you sickies out there who call in the threats for whatever reason think something like that is funny, makes you a big-shot, or whatever? Well, guess what, you’re (Expletive deleted.)

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