Author--Larry Webb

“Covid Entertainment?”

This Covid 19 thing must be getting to me. After reading all the political books I could stomach, I started reading all of my own literary masterpieces. At least I can relate to them—not always so with the political tomes.

I’ve been trying to decide which of my books is my favorite. I started out with Sometimes, home ain’t ‘Home Sweet Home.’ After reading that, I knew that one is my favorite. Then I read the two books about Damey and Grandpa Tutor and Damey and the Z-team. Then, that pair were my favorites. After that, it was Taming Little Ike. 

On and on it’s gone. Every one that I read gets selected. All I have left is the last two books of the As Life Goes On trilogy and the two short story books and I’ll be done. Then, maybe I can go back to mysteries or something like that.

As some of you already know, all of the books were inspired by true events that I learned about mostly in my middle school years when we didn’t have a counselor so the kids spilled their guts to their teachers after school and during planning periods. Nobody besides me would ever figure out where any of the stories came from because I changed them so much. 

What I didn’t realize until I started my little reading project is that one of the series and one of the stand-along books came from the same original situation. Not only that, but I duplicated a handful of scenes in different books. Sorry about that. At least nobody else who happened to notice it has ever mentioned it.

Anyway, I should be finished reading all of them in another week or so and then I can start a new project. Maybe I’ll even come up with a new brainstorm and start writing again. Or, maybe not.

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