Author--Larry Webb


“Fall football decisions—Intellectual, Emotional, and Financial?”

Because of the covid dangers, let’s face it, it probably makes more sense to cancel or postpone the college football season until Spring. No way can social distancing be practiced playing football. And, why should educational institutions endanger the lives and health of their players for the sake of a game? 

One of the bad things is they don’t know what all the after-effects of the disease are. They have seen heart problems, lung problems, and others. Who knows what else might surface? Do we risk the lives and futures of students for the sake of football?

College football is my favorite sports season of the year. Watching the good and bad moments year after year, the upsets, the surprises, the disappointments, and the championships and near misses are all part of the mix. 

Who will ever forget the look on the face of the U of M student a couple of years ago when a ball was picked up and run into the end zone for a last second touchdown and win for Sparty? 

The poor kid held his face with both hands and stared with wide open eyes and mouth. I know darned well that young man will never live it down. It’s moments like that which make the game so much fun to watch. If we do have football this year, moments like that are a non-issue because there won’t be any fans at the games.

According to Ma Google, the Big 10 conference brought in $759 million in football revenue for the fiscal year of 2018—MSU brought in $85 million last year itself. That’s a lot of money. I heard someplace that football brings in 80% of the sports proceeds during the season paying for coaches, travel, equipment, uniforms, scholarships, etc. etc. etc. 

Is all that money worth taking a chance on the health and lives of the players? Personally, I don’t think so, but what do I know? And, what happens to national championships if some major teams play in the fall while others play in the Spring or not at all? 

Whatever decisions are made in the next few weeks for all the various teams and conferences, I’m confident and hopeful the powers that be will look at all three areas and choose what is best for the students, the school, and the sport.

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