Author--Larry Webb

 “Violence and the threat of it is getting out of hand.”

It seems like every time I turn around, some news of violence pops into the media. 

Earlier on it was the so-called protest marches that turned into violent melees. Ever wonder what it would take to get you to throw a chair or rock threw some store window and then break into the place and steal everything you could get your hands on? Personally, I can’t imagine doing it, but maybe that’s just me.

In the past week or two, two governors, (Michigan and Virginia) have been threatened by terrorist groups.  One plan was supposedly to kidnap and kill the MI governor. I suppose the same went for the VA governor as well. Now, how intelligent was that group? 

One of them supposedly indicated that they would go knock on the governor’s vacation home door, and when she answered, they’d shoot her. Like, the governor would be answering the door? Duh…

In the past couple of days, Dr. Fauchi and his wife were interviewed and they talked about the threats on their lives. A doctor in his late seventies has to worry about his and his family’s safety because he makes decisions based on science and data rather than politics? Ridiculous.

Today, some clown in Maryland was arrested for making death threats against Biden and Harris. Apparently, he was dropping off letters to people’s houses who had Biden signs in their yard. The letters supposedly said that “Grandpa Biden” and Harris would be attacked and executed.

Tuesday night, a three-year-old girl was shot at a play and game facility near the Lansing Mall. They don’t “Think” she was the target. She just had the audacity to be in a play area when some idiot decided to shoot the place up. If anyone deserves to get pinned down by the cops with their knees on his neck, he does.

So, why have things gotten so violent? Is it political rhetoric? Is it the fact that everyone thinks he’s a macho dude who can carry his gun any old place and use it any old time he feels like it? Is it the after effect of the Covid pandemic? -Who knows? All I know for sure is that the atmosphere has gotten so volatile out there that it’s getting down-right scary.

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