Author--Larry Webb


“A World Full of Hate”

I have a hard time accepting our world today which is so full of hatred. It’s like, so who am I going to hate today—somebody from a different country, someone with a different skin color, or someone practicing a different religion or political viewpoint?

Less than six months ago I happened to meet a man from the south in a restaurant/bar who grew up when the southern schools were being integrated. He was a very good friend of the person I was visiting. For the life of me, I have no idea how we ever got onto the topic. Anyway, according to him, there were only a handful of African American kids in the school he attended, and they were all being paid to go there. Obviously, I have no clue if that were true or not. 

Anyway, as his story continued, he claimed that four of the young men dragged him out behind the school and beat the living crap out of him. As I was essentially in a listening mode, hoping to see the topic change, I didn’t ask him why. What had he done or said to make them take out their venom on him? Then he looked me in the eye and snarled, “ I hate N…s!” That’s when I asked my friend if it wasn’t time to leave. I’d heard enough of that. I’ve had friends of every race and religion for as long as I can remember.

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a neighbor kitty-corner across the back fence for the first time. I had never talked to him before or after that day. Suddenly, he started ranting about the lady living immediately behind me at the time. She had a same-sex partner and he couldn’t handle it. I facetiously told him I had made a deal with her. If she promised not to look into my bedroom windows, I wouldn’t look into hers. He stormed off, and within a week his house had a for-sale sign on it. Good riddance.

How many mass shootings have we had in this country in the past few years because of hate and ignorance? Three or four have been thwarted this past week because people are finally speaking up and reporting the hateful diatribes the culprits are putting on mass media. It seems like the most powerful reasons to hate someone today is a combination of immigration and religion. 

Good grief! I guess my only thought is, how many of us are Native Americans by heritage?

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