Author--Larry Webb

“Eliminate Hate”

I can’t believe the hate that’s going on out there these days. It’s nothing new, but I swear, it’s getting worse. It’s time to stop and look in the mirror. Nobody’s perfect.

There has always been hate to deal with—Black, Brown, Asian, Jewish, Native American, Arabic, Muslim, Irish, etc. etc. etc. 

Why? Do you hate everyone else because you can’t stand what you see when you take that proverbial look in the mirror?

The horrendous hate attacks this week are a classic example of stupidity. Some idiot assaults multiple Asian massage parlors, kills eight people, heads to FL so he can attack and kill some more people, and then blames it all on his “sex addiction?” Lordy, Lordy, what next? 

Some people are blaming the Corona 19 Virus because of one of its nicknames as their reason to hate, insult, and attack Asians. Oh brother, just because a former leader labeled the virus that way is not a reason to hate someone. Are they really that ignorant?

Well, there is one solution we can try


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