Author--Larry Webb


“Weird, Weird Time”

I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen when all of this is over. Are we going to turn into a nation of rioters every time something happens that we don’t like? 

The nation started its trend towards disintegration when Black Lives Matter protests turned violent. Then post-election protests became violent when the President encouraged people to march to the capital. 

Now the officials in DC are talking about a force of 20,000 National Guard troops during the inauguration. When was that ever necessary before?

A president is in the process of being impeached for the second time. This is the first time in history that it has happened. What will be the fallout on this one? 

I see several potential results—the death of the Republican party as we know it, numerous Republican congressmen and senators being booted out of office by their own people, etc. 

What will the radicals do with the moderates who vote for impeachment? What will the moderates do to the radicals who voted for refusing to accept the election? 

If they cannot resolve their differences and we end up in a three-party system, that’ll be the end of the Republican party as we know it.

Yes, this is a weird, weird time we’re living in. How will it all turn out? Who knows? My biggest hope is that peace will prevail, and we can get back to bickering sanely.

“History Lesson Du Jour”

I think I’ve learned more history in the past month or so than I ever did in my early years. 

I never knew some of the fine points of impeachment, the 25th. Amendment, and other legal points of the Constitution making sure that we have and maintain an equal three-part government.

For instance, did you know that if a president is impeached twice, he can be prevented from ever running from office again? Plus, if that happens, he loses all of his retirement benefits—Civil Service protection, and more.

Another thing I didn’t know is that an impeachment and removal can be completed after the president leaves office.

 Most people would, I’m sure, would wonder what good that would do. That’s where the inability to run again comes in. Without a Senate trial and conviction, that doesn’t go into effect.

The next week or so will prove very interesting and scary. Let’s hope the insurrections are over and that things calm down.

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