Author--Larry Webb

“Life is so exciting right now”

Today is day 12 of total self-quarantine. What an exciting time it is. I start out the day checking emails, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. just to see if any of you sent me a pile of money. Then, after that I have my delicious breakfast of Raisin Bran and toast. Then, I read every article in the State Journal even if I did see it on one of the news programs last night. Got your blood flowing yet? What a way to start the day!

It only gets better from there. After I wake up from dozing off while reading the paper, I go and ride my stationary bike for a half hour. At least I’m getting some exercise. On a couple of day when it was reasonably warm and the sun was out, I actually went for a walk. The excitement heightens when a person walking towards me and I zig and zag deciding which one of us is going to cross the street to keep current on our social distancing.

Now, I know this is old school big time, but over the weekend, I opened the garage door and started the car and let it run for a few minutes to make sure the battery stayed charged. There was a time back in the day if you didn’t start your car for a week, the battery ran out of juice and you had to jump start it. 

If nothing else, I’ve caught up on some reading. I finally finished “A Very Stable Genius” which was too long and a bit repetitive and two issues of “Writer’s Digest” which I had been procrastinating on. Haven’t done any writing—guess I haven’t had the time with my busy schedule.

So, after watching 3-4 hours of Corona Virus news casts on TV and a couple of naps, so goes my extremely exciting day. I hope yours is at least close to being as exhilarating as mine.

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