Author--Larry Webb

When Dr. Jack Jackson takes a turn for the worse in the hospital’s critical care wing, the nurses notify the family. One of those gathered around is his son, Dr. Jason Jackson, who bemoans the fact that even now in the year 2053 modern medicine can’t do everything. Regardless of the sophistication of the time, nature always prevails.
As Jason stares out the window, his mind drifts back forty years to 2013. That’s when it all started for him. The first eleven years of his life had been a period of extreme abuse and cruelty. For the most part, he’d been able to block it from his memory over the years. Watching his dad sink farther and farther into the beyond, it all comes back to him in vivid, unwanted, painful detail.
(This is a completely new re-write and update of Home is a lot More Than Just a Place to Hang Your Hat.) 

Sometimes Home Ain't "Home Sweet Home."