Author--Larry Webb

Now Live and Available
Amy sat in the parking lot of the credit union pondering the past of all those who are close to her. Why had Mr. Carter insisted she probe Thomas’s brain until she dug out the entire, previously unmentioned to her, story of his life? What hadn’t Dad Carter told her? He insisted the task was for therapeutic reasons—Thomas’s or hers? He hadn’t said. Thomas’s past was something the two of them had never discussed. Why not? Everyone talks about their childhood. Everyone, that is, except Thomas. He never mentioned it. So, what had she missed? As she sat there thinking, she nodded, realizing it was a subject he’d continuously skirted. Later. We’ll talk later, he’d say, if and when she brought it up, but they never did. Why? Was he hiding something? She’d known him for several years. On the surface, he was an upright, straight forward, honest, and loving guy. Was he somehow some kind of closet criminal? Was there something evil about his past she should know? As she saw him walking across the parking lot towards her way, she made a decision. One way or the other, she would find out—the sooner the better.
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