Author--Larry Webb

As Life Goes On
Larry Webb
A teen and young adult paranormal coming of age adventure

    While mowing the lawn, Jeremy has an intuitive flash of a hit-and-run accident killing Scott, his lifelong neighbor and best friend. The reality of the accident leaves him devastated beyond belief. He finds no relief until he visits the cemetery for the first time a week after the funeral. When he arrives, he sees a ghost boy, Scott, along with the ghost of Mooshy, his long dead dog sitting on the mound of dirt waiting for him. 
    After initially freaking out, Scott calms him down and reveals that because of the closeness the two of them have had throughout their lives, his guardian has given them the opportunity to try to discover exactly happened and why. 
    The two boys set out on a series of teen paranormal adventures attempting to solve the mystery. Once they consider that the case is closed in their own minds, it is time for Scott to leave for good. However, he tells Jeremy that all he has to do is call for him, and he will be able to come if the situation warrants it. As life goes on for Jeremy, he bumbles his way through adolescence—parties, sex, and booze problems. 
    Suddenly, Marty Johnson, Jeremy’s new friend and classmate, disappears for no apparent reason. Marty, who suffers from child abuse and neglect, lives with a step father, Bruno Bashore, who is mean and unstable. Jeremy calls in Scott and together they unravel Marty’s problem—saving his life and momentarily, at least, getting Bruno out of his life.

Reviews for "As Life Goes On"

5.0 out of 5 stars Young Again...Yippee, November 19, 2011
By Robert Lee Carey, Jr. "Sandbridge Author" - See all my reviews
This review is from: As Life Goes On (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Sandy high-fives to Webb for taking me back to my teen years. This story encompasses youth at its fullest. In fine fashion using perfect dialogue, description, and adventures Larry Webb pulls the reader into a time when growing up was fun. I especially related to the friendship between Jeremy and Scott, helping me recall my best friend growing up. 
The beginning will throw the reader for a loop...around their desire to turn the page. And, even after the news of Scott's gripping departure, Webb refuses to release you. He artfully continues with various situations and youthful experiences we young boys go through...not to mention...desire. 
Along with a clear knowledge of young people, Webb applies the bond of friendship in perfect mixtures of reality, leaving the perfect joint for a sequel. 
This novel also brought back to mind those novels read during my teen years, 'Red Fern', 'Old Yeller', 'Tom Sawyer', and the 'Hardy Boys'. This one would have fit nicely. 
I do consider this a Young Adult novel, however, it's also a 'Cross-over'...meaning enjoyed by us Baby-Boomers. Thanks, Larry Webb...keep writin' and smilin'...

Within the first 30 pages, I was hooked on the characters in this story. As a middle school language arts teacher who focuses on encouraging adolescent boys to read, I enjoyed the way it accurately portrays many aspects of life for this age group. Both Scott and Jeremy came to life for me as I read, causing me to turn page after page long after I should have been doing other things (like sleeping). Yes, there may be a few "adult" words in there, but from someone who has worked with teens for over ten years in many different aspects, it is done tastefully and effectively to tell a story and engage the adolescent reader. It really is mild compared to the music, television, and movies of today. 

Teenage boys will see some of themselves in at least one of the main characters in this story, and they will find themselves wanting to know what happens to the boys next. The action level is high enough to maintain interest while still telling a great story. I anxiously await the next book in the series, and I have already passed this book on to one of my "reluctant reader" students who so far says it's "not too bad!"....glowing recommendation from a 14 year-old self-proclaimed book hater. With more books like this, maybe I can turn another kid around. I would definitely recommend this for boys 12-15, especially those who may not always enjoy reading. The rapid pace of the story combined with a twisting of realism and the sensational makes it very approachable for any adolescent reader. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews 

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Read, April 13, 2011 

This review is from: As Life Goes On (Volume 1) (Paperback) 
Larry Webb is a friend of mine, and he asked me to read and review this book (thought I'd get that disclaimer out up front). Just finished the book last night, and it was an entertaining read--once I started it I found myself picking it up every night, and it only took a few nights to read it because it's a pretty good page-turner. "As Life Goes On" follows the adventures of teenagers Jeremy and Scott as they unravel a couple of mysteries, one involving another young man, Marty. There were a lot of nice passages in the book, and the reality of student life was well portrayed (Larry was a teacher for many years before he retired to do other fun things like write books). The language is a bit salty at times, but probably a lot of high school boys talk like that--actually the boys in this book are undoubtedly pretty tame by today's standards (sigh). If you're having trouble getting your teenage son to read books, this is one to recommend (if you can deal with the occasional bad language), because he would probably love it--there's enough gruesome stuff and interesting plot twists in there to keep him entertained. The author did a smart thing by including the first chapter of the next book in the series at the end of "As Life Goes On," so you can be assured that there is more of this story to look forward to. I can't say that there might not be a friendship star or two within my five-star rating, but I can say I'm proud of the author and he wrote a pretty darn good book. I was impressed. Looking forward to the next one! 

Just finished "As Life Goes On" and loved it! It is a great read that quickly became harder and harder to put down. I seemed to read faster and faster as the book neared the "end". I am so glad I bought both books in the series (this one, As Life Goes On and the next, As Life Moves On: Book 2 of the "As Life Goes On" series. (Volume 2)) because it would have killed me to wait for the next book to arrive from Amazon with the way the first book ended!!! Take my advice: Buy BOTH Books together!! You will thank me later. What an enjoyable book to read.

This review is from: As Life Goes On (Volume 1) (Paperback) 
Interesting characters, a compelling plot and good pacing left me ready for the next book in the series. Teen boys would especially relate to and enjoy this book. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews